Theses and Dissertations

Thesis Papers

The thesis papers retained by the University libraries are catalogued and therefore searchable in OneSearchUNIPI.
The thesis papers, hard copy or on digital media (CDs, DVDs) preserved by the libraries are excluded from the loan and cannot be reproduced in any form.
It is possible to request both the discussed thesis from at least 40 years ago, and the subsequent discussed thesis provided that the author has released the free consultation of his work. To request a thesis, contact the circulation desk of the library that owns the thesis.

Electronic Thesis

Electronic theses of the University can be searched by the ETD Database.
Thesis that have been discussed at the University of Pisa are stored in the ETD Database, in particular:

  • PhD Thesis: present since 2006 on a voluntary basis, mandatory since 2008;
  • Master’s Degree Programme Thesis: present since 2003 on a voluntary basis and with staggered entry of the Faculties (the first faculty to join were: Engineering and Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences) mandatory since 2013;
  • Specialisation School Thesis: mandatory since 2011;
  • Thesis Work for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes and One-Year Specialisation Programmes: always on a voluntary basis

Theses deposited in the ETD electronic database can be:

  • Freely available in full text: the entire thesis can be read or viewed by simply connecting to the Internet (even outside of the University network), individual files can be downloaded and printed
  • Partially accessible: the thesis can be read or consulted partially, some files can be downloaded and printed, and other files are encrypted.
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