Title must contain 3 characters at least. E.g.: Jou* sou* vib* (for Journal of sound and vibration)
  • ACNP (unipi)
    Printed and electronic journals of the University Libraries are catalogued and therefore searchable in the Italian Journals online catalogue (ACNP).

  • A-Z List
    The AZ List provides with all the electronic journals of the University (not the single article), also bibliographic recordings of the documents from the Business Source Complete databases and IEEE scope, respectively, on economic and computer engineering field.

  • ACNP
    If you have not found the journal with the 2 previous research:
    => search the National Catalog ACNP: a search through this catalog allows you to see which libraries on the Italian territory (including the Scuola Normale di Pisa) possess a certain journal (in paper or electronic format) and which vintages of that journal accurately.
    => If any Library of Pisa does not own the magazine that you are looking for, neither in electronic format nor hard copy, your library staff can find items available at other Italian libraries, and provide you with the requested items through the Document Delivery service.

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