General Archive of the University

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General Archive of the University

16/18 Via E. Calabresi, Località Montacchiello Ospedaletto - 56121 Pisa ITALY


+39 050 2211242-243-244 Daniele Ronco
+39 050 2211243 Laura Soro
+39 050 2211244 Document Delivery Service


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General Archive of the University

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The General Archive of the University collects and preserves:

  • all of the administrative documentation no longer current of the University of Pisa (archive storage)

  • the outdated library materials (books and journals) from the University libraries.

The staff provides assistance and advice in finding archival documents and bibliographies to the central administration, the teaching facilities and University libraries. Teachers, students or scholars who have the need to find reference material kept in archives are required to ask University libraries that make the Archive request on their behalf. Only in the case of archival research or more complex and detailed literature searches, students, teachers and scholars can contact the archive staff directly to make an appointment, at the addresses indicated.

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