Library services update

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Access to the library - QR code

The use of masks FFP2 by all users is strongly recommended.
Users are required to:
  • wear the mask FFP2 in case of even mild respiratory symptoms
  • sanitize their hands with hydroalcoholic gels, placed near the access to the library
  • use only the seat indicated by the staff; consult the bibliographic material after having sanitized your hands, avoiding wetting your fingers with saliva to turn the pages, coughing and sneezing on the materials.

Access to the library for users with University credentials by QR code

Starting from Monday 31 January, the registration of access to library will take place by scanning a QR Code that will be affixed in all libraries near circulation desks.
This scan allows certain tracing of users according to the anti-contagion protocol and the monitoring of presences in the library in relation to available sites.
This method replaces the previous form on paper or file.
The QR Code is scanned using University credentials and requires any app for reading the QR Code on your smartphone.
The scan must take place:

  • entering the library, showing your check in confirmation to the library staff
  • leaving the library to adjust the number of available seats

Access to the library for users without University credentials

Registration will take place as usual on paper or file.




All users, including external users, can made the reservation on the spot, within the limits of available seats.




According to the anti-contagion security protocol published on October 26, 2021, reservations are no longer required for the library loan.




You will be able to return the books to the safe at the entrance to the library without an appointment according to the methods specified on the web pages of libraries.

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