Ubidictionary - Dizionari Zanichelli

The collection includes:

  • il Tommaseo: Dictionary of the Italian language
  • BIZ: Italian Zanichelli Library, digital collection of over 1000 texts of Italian literature
  • il Ragazzini2020: English-Italian, Italian-English dictionary
  • the WOW: The Word on Words English-Italian dictionary of idiomatic, colloquial and slang words and phrases
  • il Boch: French-Italian, Italian-French dictionary
  • The new Zanichelli German dictionary: Italian-German, German-Italian
  • the Great Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-Italian, Italian-Spanish dictionary
  • il Kovalev: Russian-Italian, Italian-Russian dictionary
  • the Dictionary of Chinese: Italian-Chinese, Chinese-Italian
  • IL: Vocabulary of the Latin language, Latin-Italian, Italian-Latin

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Accessible from: public PCs in the libraries/wireless/off-campus.


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