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Sketch Engine is the ultimate tool to explore how language works. Its algorithms analyze authentic texts of billions of words (text corpora) to identify instantly what is typical in language and what is rare, unusual or emerging usage. It is also designed for text analysis or text mining applications.
Sketch Engine is used by linguists, lexicographers, translators, students and teachers. It is a first choice solution for publishers, universities, translation agencies and national language institutes throughout the world.
Sketch Engine contains 600 ready-to-use corpora in 90+ languages, each having a size of up to 60 billion words to provide a truly representative sample of languag
  • Word Sketch, collocations and word combinations
  • Word Sketch Difference, compare words via their collocations
  • Thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms and similar words
  • Concordance,examples of use in context
  • Parallel Concordance, searching translations
  • Word lists, frequency lists and linguistic datbases
  • Keyword (Term Extraction), identifying typical words
  • N-grams, frequency lists of multiword expressions (MWEs) or lexical bundles
To activate the functions, the language of the corpus must be selected. Once the language is defined, the available features will be visible in the dashboard.

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Accessible from: public PCs in the libraries/wireless/off-campus.


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Lexical Computing

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