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Orbis provides coverage for around 300 million international public and private companies across all countries.

Orbis includes detailed financials, financial projections, complete ownership structure, M&A details, related industry profiles), executive biographies, patents and royalty information, and much more. Companies may be screened on more than 100 criteria.

Orbis carefully captures a wide variety of data. They are treated, appended and standardized to make it richer, more powerful and easier to interrogate. Data are captured and treated from more than 160 separate providers and hundreds of own sources.

Orbis data highlights

    • LEI and other official company numbers
    • Industry codes
    • Trade descriptions
    • Detailed company descriptions
    • Standardized financials
    • Agency ratings
    • Original documents
    • Beneficial owners
    • Global and domestic ultimate owners
    • Corporate structures
    • Directors and managers
    • M&A deals and rumours
    • Patents and intellectual property
    • Trademarks
    • Royalty agreements
    • Industry research
    • Advisors
    • Stock data and earnings estimates
    • Corporate actions

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