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ClinMicroNow is a service from American Society for Microbiology Press, in partnership with Wiley, offering its gold standard clinical microbiology publications online for quick and easy access. 
The authoritative clinical microbiology sources, ASM's Manual of Clinical Microbiology (MCM), and Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook (CMPH), are used every day in laboratories around the world. Now MCM and CMPH, together with the classic text Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, have merged online to create ClinMicroNow.
ClinMicroNow offers:
  • Quick and deep searches to find the complete range of pathogenic microbial organisms and related laboratory procedures
  • Actionable and timely clinical microbiology content updated by invited subject matter experts and curated by editors as science advances and clinical practice changes
  • Highly granular search that produces tables, figures, and cases, in addition to text

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Accessible from: public PCs in the libraries/wireless/off-campus.


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