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The University’s online subscription includes:

  • CAB Reference Book Collection
  • CABI eBook Archive 2011–2016

CAB Reference Book Collection includes a package of 33 dictionaries and encyclopedias in food science, nutrition, and related disciplines, that offer quick-reference information in food science, nutrition, plant science, veterinary science, animal science, nutrition, and leisure and tourism. They are ideal for a range of readers: students, faculty, and researchers.

CABI eBook Archive 2011–2016 access to books published between 2011-2016 from CABI, one of the world's leading publishers of high quality scientific resources in the applied life science.
Subject coverage including agriculture, international development, animal and veterinary sciences, environmental sciences, plant sciences and horticulture, forestry, human health and nutrition, and leisure tourism.

Ebooks can be viewed in ePub format and can be downloaded to PDF. They are also printable, limited to individual chapters. There are no limits for simultaneous users.


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