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Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD)

Medieval translations of Aristotle's works. Includes texts that have been critically edited in the printed Aristoteles Latinus series with other corpora, whether editions that have already been published or ones in preparation or unpublished.

The database is not identical to the printed edition, as it omits the prefaces describing the manuscript tradition; nor does it include the apparatus of variant readings, the Greek-Latin comparative apparatus, or the bilingual indexes of the printed version.



L'*Année philologique (APh)

L’Année philologique was founded in Paris in 1926 by Jules Marouzeau, and has long been considered an indispensible resource by the research scholars who are its intended users. Its goal is to collect annually scholarly works relating to every aspect of Greek and Roman civilization (authors and texts; literature; linguistics; political, economic, and social history; attitudes and daily life; religion; cultural and artistic life; law; philosophy; science and technology; and the history of classical studies).



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