Ei Patents

The Engineering Village Patent databases (EP Patents and US Patents) contain patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and patents filed with the European Union Patent Office (EPO).

Ei Patents use engineering-specific vocabulary, US patent classification codes, European Classification system codes, and International Patent Classification system codes, using engineering Village's search tools to produce accurate, relevant results.


Early European Books online

ProQuest with Early European Books has embarked on a European-wide project which will trace the history of printing in Europe from its origins (circa 1450s) to 1700. The contents are drawn from major repositories including the Danish Royal Library, the National Central Library in Florence, the National Library of France, the National Library of the Netherlands, and the Wellcome Library in London.

Grande dizionario tecnico inglese

This is the ultimate and comprehensive new edition of Fernando Picchi’s English-Italian dictionary, updated and enlarged with an enormous quantity of specialist terms from technical-scientific and economics-business fields, in line with the most recent developments in these branches of learning. The focus on quality and the extensive range of the material make it an invaluable reference work for translators and students, who will welcome its abundance of definitions, idioms, synonyms and opposites.


De Gruyter ebooks

The Sistema Bibliotecario has subscribed in perpetuity to approximately 450 titles.
The available ebooks are DRM free and accessible to an unlimited and simultaneous number of users. The formats available are PDF and ePub. On the platform there are also many freely accessible titles (Open/Free access).




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