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ProQuest with Early European Books has embarked on a European-wide project which will trace the history of printing in Europe from its origins (circa 1450s) to 1700. The contents are drawn from major repositories including the Danish Royal Library, the National Central Library in Florence, the National Library of France, the National Library of the Netherlands, and the Wellcome Library in London.
The University of Pisa, through university credentials, accesses the digital content included in the collection of Early European Books, consisting of 7,000 ancient volumes, printed between 1485 and 1770 of the National Central Library of Florence - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BNCF).
Early European Books offers full-colour, high-resolution (400 ppi) facsimile images scanned directly from the original printed sources. Each item in the collection is captured in its entirety, complete with its binding, edges, endpapers, blank pages, and any loose inserts, providing scholars with a wealth of information about the physical characteristics and provenance histories of the original artefacts.
Detailed descriptive bibliographic metadata accompanies each set of facsimile Document Images to support browsing and searching. Users of Early European Books are also provided with functionality that allows them to pinpoint particular images containing manuscript annotation and various kinds of non-textual printed matter including illustrations and maps.

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Online database freely available online thanks to the partnership between the publisher ProQuest and BNCF (National Central Library of Florence), accessible from public PCs in the libraries/wireless/off-campus.


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