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The Inter Library Loan service (InterLibrary Loan, ILL) provides:


If the item of interest is only part of a book (less than 15% of the total pages) and not the whole book => make a request for the document delivery and interlibrary loan.


These are usually excluded from the interlibrary loan:

books in the examination program, journals, dissertations, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, material on magnetic or optical media, books purchased with research funds, old books, rare or valuable books belonging to special collections.


For internal users

The interlibrary loan requests can be submitted by filling out the Interlibrary Loan Users form. ATTENTION: for using this module, you must be logged in Onesearch (⇒Login)

The service is usually free of charge (the university libraries cover the costs). Only in cases where instead the loan request should be directed to the libraries that perform this service for a fee, then it can be expected to be covered by the user. It is always advised to the user for acceptance before activating the service.

If the item of interest is a recently published book => it is possible (and advisable) to make a direct offer to its reference library instead of an interlibrary loan request.


For external libraries

The interlibrary loan requests can be sent to all libraries, by filling out the Interlibrary loan form, after checking the page dedicated to the library service to which you send the request.

The service is usually free for libraries, research institutes, public and private, Italian or foreign, with which are relations with active cooperation and providing for the complementary service. Otherwise there may be an expense to be paid.

The university libraries are widely available to establish complementary relationships with institutions and public libraries.

The university libraries participating in the LiR regional project (books on the network) of Tuscany.



The individual libraries can adopt specific solutions regarding this service: see also the library service page.



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